Subway Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

Are you searching for phone number, email, contact details and address of Subway Corporate Office headquarters then you are at right place. We have given important address information of Subway Corporate Office which will help you in reaching them fast. Do you have any complaints, or facing issues like getting a refund, bad service, food quality or to raise a concern with higher authorities, you can reach them via the address and contact details given below.

Subway is a big American fast food restaurants franchise which is very popular for its salads and submarine sandwiches. It is currently one of the fastest growing franchises in the whole word with more than 45000 restaurants in more than 110 countries world wide. In USA it is very popular among common people and has more than 26000 outlets. Subway is now considered as the World Largest Restaurant Operation in the world.It is also the world largest fast wood chain company, and has more number of restaurants than McDonald. In the year 1978, first Subway restaurant was opened in the Fresno, CA, United States. Subway Corporate Office is renowned for its great food services and giving best hospitality to its customers. They are also famous for giving great discounts and gift cards to its valuable customers.

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Subway Corporate Office Headquarters

Doctor’s Associates Inc.
325 Bic Dr
Milford, CT 06461

Subway Customer Service Phone Number : 1-800-888-4848 ext 85
Subway Corporate Office Phone number : +1 203-877-4281

Contact SUBWAY Catering: 877-360-CATER(2283)

CEO of Subway : Suzanne Greco

Official Website :


Please us the above mentioned contact details to reach them fast and quickly. Please let us know in comments about any complaints or suggestion.

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  2. Lurch Pacheco

    I went to subway in Albuquerque New Mexico. The subway is inside a hospital. A Presbyterian hospital I don’t recommend that store to anyone. The bread was so hard. There personal appearance was un professional so many managers on the clock and neither one does what they were hired to do. (Manage) the tables are gross trashes over filling. Floors are dirty. Coke fountain area is gross. It looks like the nozzles don’t get cleaned. I’m surprised this store passes inspection. They need a real manager to manage the store and the employees. I will never go back and I will put it on Facebook and Twitter of how dirty the store was. To many managers and less employees. Nothing is ever going to get wipe or swept by to managers looking at each other to see who is going to clean. Dirty store

  3. Michelle Perkins

    Is it possible at all to get a professional respectful person to respond to a customer service phone call . I call to speak with someone in the corporate office and was diverted to everyone except corporate members like CEO, President of company or vice president. Customer service is the worst I’ve ever had from corporate office customer service representative Marina. She could only say to me that she could pass me off to someone that want to talk to me. I hope that the owners of these establishments read emails sent in by customers because we are the ones who keep folks like SUZANNE GRECO in business AND hopefully she cares enough to not be too busy to check emails and phone recordings to really understand that not all of her employees are not sufficient for the jobs they have. I’m looking forward to a response from Brittany or her Superior.

    1. X-subway eater

      I agree Subway is no longer a good place to eat. The corporation does not listen to ANY customers and does not care if they get worse name. I guess once people stop eating there they may listen for the first time to a customer.

  4. Disappointed

    This is my follow up regarding the Pembroke ma subway. I have not received a response from subway regarding the treatment of the young ladies that work at this location.

    Disappointed to say the least

    1. Tanya Blanchard

      I never heard back about Newport PA Subway saying, We only have Flat Bread.This has happened 3 times this month!!!!

  5. david rogers

    hello.i live in Batesville daughter summer is 16 and works at subway here in Batesville at the eagle mtn restaurant.she is doing very well and this is her first year in high school she is on the dance team and have been chosen to compete in nationals at Disneyland in march.her teeth is in need of braces and they are 4500 dollars.she has no insurance and we will be paying question is does subway have a program to help their employees with things like this.any help would be appreciated

  6. Liz

    I stopped by at Subway today, inside Walmart at 555 West I-30, Garland, TX and ordered a medium Coke. The cashier said they didn’t have Coke so I said Pepsi instead. As I headed to the soft drink machine, I noticed that the Pepsi was out of order. I told the cashier I want a refund of $2.15 of what I paid. The cashier said that she cannot give out refund. Instead of arguing with her I told her she can have my money. The cashier is very unprofessional, unfriendly, and I had to ring her twice from being at the back of the store instead of tending to her customers. I personally think she doesn’t want that job.

  7. Ed Emmons

    I went to the Subway on North Eight here in Pekin last week. I was eating the sandwich when I almost got choked on some sort of plastic wrapper. Not big but almost a big problem. I wont say anymore, would someone from Subway please contact me!

  8. Robin J McDonald


  9. Tiffany Parker

    I got my daughter a kids Meal I want to upgrade the sandwich to a 6 inch I was told I can’t do that the lady gave me a 6 in she charged me 10 dollars for a kid meal

  10. Daniel Butler

    My wife 69 years old went to subway for a 6 inch for her and a 12 inch for me. When she open the sandwiches her look so small I had to messure her it was not even 5 inch it was 4 half long not a good way to treat your customer .

  11. David Paden

    At your Subway store #18603 I have been unable to use my EBT card for over a month. The manager, Jamie, claims it is ‘broken’ but won’t give any details. I completely do not believe it. This is a state-run system and would have been fixed by now if there actually was a problem with it.

    I will assume that you at corporate headquarters have no knowledge of any such problem, and have neither received any request to have repairs done, nor made any such call.

    My personal assumption is that the store employees or manager found the process of using the system too onerous, and therefore are refusing to do so, meanwhile claiming the system is broken. They are getting paid to sell as many sandwiches (etc.) as the customers want, not for how easy they can make their jobs.

    Obviously, if you go back through your records you will discover how much lost revenue this represents, and hopefully take steps to correct the situation.

    Thank You,


  12. Lois Huckleby

    Am I the only person who wants a Reuben? I love Arby’s turkey rueben. Why don’t you offer ruebens. If you did I’d buy them all the time. How much trouble could it be to add sauerkraut and a good sauce. I’d use it on all the sandwiches. I make my own kraut and wait til I go home to add it. Hope this request does some good. I dare say it would for you.

  13. Carrie Daniels

    I live in Orange Park Fl. My daughters and I visit Subway a few times a month. The subway location on blanding blvd, has had nothing but unprofessional and rude employees! We just left because as soon as we walk through the door the lady tells us” I literally have nothing but flat bread… sorry..” Didn’t say anything was cooking, didn’t say it will be 10 min, 20 min, an hour. Along with me and my daughters 3 other customers walked out. I want you to know how much money these people are costing your business. It is Friday night at 7:00pm and this women is in no way at all prepared for anyone. And with no anticipation of getting prepared anytime soon.!! This is so disappointing. All I wanted was a damn subway sub. Why is this so difficult! !!!!!

  14. Sandy Marshall

    I was at the subway on 25th and Western in San Pedro. It was a horrible experience, there’s a manager by the name of Hamid. He is very unprofessional, and very rude. Everytime I go in during the afternoon on week days I hear him in the back talking and laughing really obnoxiously and I don’t think it serves good customer service. If they aren’t out of veggies they are always out of meats as well. Even when it’s the sandwhich of the day or month. I am a local and I’ve been living in the city San Pedro for years! This subway is the worst by far. I do not recommend anyone to go there. There is also a Mexican manager with glasses by the name of Felipe. He as a manger has poor customer service. He doesn’t make eye contact when completing an order and always talks to his to workers in Spanish which is very rude. The place is just awful and the cookies are always burnt and never fresh! I hope someone gets this store to work accordingly and fulfills all customer needs!

  15. Tara Scates

    I love subway sandwiches but can no longer eat gluten (bread/wheat products). I really think it would benefit the franchise to carry gluten free bread! There is bound to be many many people who would eat subway with the option of gluten free bread.

  16. Danderson

    Had power out couldn’t cook so I took the kids to subway and they were out of bread. I understand that a lot of people ate there due to snow and power outages but your business is sandwiches how can you be out of bread. It should be your #1 priority the customers will understand if you took he time to stay on top if it. The store was also short staffed. Very disappointed had to eat somewhere else which was extremely expensive.

  17. Robert johnson

    Went to the subway in Ann arbor Michigan store number 12316 I would not recommend anyone go to that store the crew during the day is not friendly at all they make a very messy sandwich and one of the employees is not professional looking at all he had several holes in his pants at night crew is better but they are constantly out of her and cheese when I asked the employee why she stated that subway only requires there stores to have white and wheat after a certain time why is this I will never go back to this subway ever again

  18. Diana OBrien

    Subway in Lori’s SC is one of the worst I have ever seen. They are out of bread constantly. I had a coupon for a sub . I ask if I could get any sub before ordering. The answer was yes. When I got to check out only to be told that sub was the special of the day and I could not use my coupon. I was very upset. No more Subway for me.

  19. Diana OBrien

    Subway in Lori’s SC is one of the worst I have ever seen. They are out of bread constantly. I had a coupon for a sub . I ask if I could get any sub before ordering. The answer was yes. When I got to check out only to be told that sub was the special of the day and I could not use my coupon. I was curious!. No more Subway for me.

  20. John Stone

    I am so fed up with the subway in our small town of Thurmont that I had to complain. Store number 29369. The help you have hired are young which age is never an issue until they always state in the last 2 hours before closing they are out of something versus making it. On over 5 occasion’s now you have not had usually breads, but sometimes not ANY cookies at all. It was 730 one evening when you were to be open until 10 and I ordered online and of course I didn’t check my order so I had to wait until I arrived home to find out I lied to my daughter. So instead of having integrity and telling me the truth they would rather roll the dice and hope I wouldn’t bring it up, intentionally stealing considering they knew I wasn’t getting what I paid for.
    I went another day to find out the sub of the day they didn’t have anything other than flatbread or wheat.
    Today topped me off. I was down for the past 2 or 3 days with no appetite after receiving the worst kind of news when you have abnormal white blood cells.
    My daughters favorite restaurant is subway and I was starving so I said let’s go. Now, understand my daughter is 4 and I am going through a life phase and making her happy is what I needed. So u came to your store the same one referenced above and after 2 or 3 minutes one young gentleman came from the back laughing I could hear another girl further maybe towards the exit or smoking area whichever you call it. But before I even ordered he said I hope you like flatbread it’s all we got left. This was at 8:45, still an hour and 15 minutes before closing. So I told my daughter we once again as we have on several occasions that she can get just the meat thrown in paper or go somewhere else and instead she cried I cried and it is just a failed endeavor to my horrific week. I am taking these events to our town meeting to have this mismanaged restaurant removed from our town. You are degrading these kids to accept failure by being able to misrepresent their company themselves, and to disrespect customers. I have had issues with the handling of food at location in Frederick, MD located on north market St where I got really sick from a seafood sub. I love the family who runs it but as in there culture things should be done more sanitary and a surprise inspection should shut them down. They leave food out on counters eat while working, no gloves etc.
    The location In emmitsburg, MD well I’ll never return there for some of the same reasons as the Thurmont location mentioned above. You guys are falling apart and need to find a way to govern your own name and protect it. My daughter loves your restaurant but until a settlement is agreed upon, preferably by speaking by phone with a conclusion through a written correspondence, through your office of the president, or highest level of complaint is agreed on by my family and I.
    I broke down in the middle of a parking lot, in front of my daughter, who I’m supposed to be invincible to. You have no idea how bad this last lack of responsibility on your store has brought me this evening. I have been having asthma issues and the breakdown put my body through a great deal of stress and strain on my lungs. I can send the doctors information tomorrow.
    I have not yet got an attorney im not looking that far into this yet but something that will satisfy my daughter, wife and I so we can try this again as a family for MANY visits not just once or for a week even.
    Ultimately here are my complaints:
    1. Sanitary conditions caused me to throw up, leave work early, pay for an urgent care visit. My 4 co-workers can attest.
    2. False advertising due to no supplies.
    3. Theft by not having the integrity to say they were out of stock or didn’t want to make more.
    4. Staffing not wanting to work, horseplay, and alway on break mode when I come in.
    5. Not only having one, probably the lowest demanded bread in a shop that thrives on fresh bread. Over an hour until closed.
    6. Mental and physical harm brought upon myself in this critical time of life.

    [email protected]

  21. Jackie Misero

    Good Morning,

    My son-in-law is stationed in Korea and he eat most of his means at the Korean Subway. I want to send him a Subway gift card but wasn’t sure if it would work in Korea. Can a gift card bought in the US be used oversees? If so do I need a special one?

    Secondly, if they can be used in Korea I was wondering if Subway would be willing to donate a few cards to my son-in-law and his fellow soldiers. Thank you for you time. Have a great weekend.

  22. alecia jones

    On 11/03/2016 National Sandwich day I purchased a 6″ sandwich and a drink and I should have gotten a sandwich of equal or lesser value free and they did not honor that. I walked out with only one sandwich.
    I purchased the sandwich on Kiest AND Hwy 67 around 9 pm on11/03/2016. Transaction #10839
    Server LUCERO. I thought that was not business like. Please contact me [email protected].



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