Asurion Customer Service Phone Number

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Call the Asurion Customer Service Phone Number listed here to reach the Asurion Customer representative fast and easily. We have also listed Official email, website, mailing and postal address, corporate office headquarters and other helpful links. If you have any issues or complaints regarding claim, replacement of old phone, insurance coverage, device protection, billing, refund, cancellation or any issues then please call the below listed Asurion phone number.

About Asurion

Asurion, LLC is a American phone support service provider company which headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. It provides services such as protection of mobile devices and provide support services for mobile phones, iphones, smartphones, laptops, tablets, consumer electronics, appliances, jewelry and satellite receivers etc. Asurion is a multinational company and has operation in more than 15 countries and has more than 18000 employees. More than 300 million customers are subscribed to its services. Asurion established in the year 1999 and its founder are Kevin Taweel and Jim Ellis who were Stanford graduates. It also sell its insurance plans through many mobile companies and service providers such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, boost, T Mobile etc.

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Asurion Customer Service Phone Number


When to Call : Monday – Friday : 8 AM to 5 PM CST

Asurion Customer Service Phone Number

You can also call the below service provider on their specific Asurion phone number listed below.

AAFES –> 1-800-861-9389

AT&T –> 1-888-562-8662

Babies R Us –> 1-866-894-8526

Cricket –> 1-888-444-9910

DirectTV –> 1-800-531-5000

Sprint –> 1-800-584-3666

T-Mobile –> 1-866-268-7221

Target –> 1-866-469-6356

Virgin Mobile –> 1-866-213-2143

Home Depot –> 1-800-466-3337

You can also contact them via social media such as twitter and facebook. Social Media team is very active and it is best way to raise your concern and it done fast and easily.

Twitter –> @asurioncares

Facebook –>

Official website resources –> Link

Please use the above listed Asurion customer service phone number to reach the customer support and raise your concern. Please follow the prompts and then go to the specific support department. If you are looking for other companies such as Amtrak and Groupon customer support numbers then please check our website. Please do comment with your comment and suggestion.

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  1. Alli J

    I’m dealing with sprint I’m looking for an attorney I was lied to over charged and told I had to keep a service to up grade up anytime a new phone come out type service I was charged full price for merchandise that was used and return . I was never told that it was used my cell bill was 144.01 my first bill but the automated said 65.00 I tried to leave and just wanted my money and phone back and that was not happening at all I’m dealing with a busted talet speaker and I’m just not happy I have hot spot and they were charging me 25,00 I think it’s time for a mass tourte claim I’m finding a attorney tomorrow sprint is ripping people off and charging to much I hate the service and the sales people there scam artist

  2. Markita Delaney

    customers of Sprint for 10yrs. My husband just purchased the IPHONE 7 (newest one that just came out over summer in July 2016. He paid for the phone in July it is now December going in 2017 January and he has yet to receive his product. Not to mention that he has been calling your so called help support and talking to the store manager on site. Now his is very respectful but I told him you can let people get away with anything. So first I will like to see if their is anyone who can help us, if not I told my husband lets take our business somewhere else with our monthly bill over 400.00 with 5 lines, new phones every 2-3yrs for each line I know we paying someone’s payroll check. So we can take our business somewhere else, so he purchased the phone in July no one can help him get the product that we paid for work hard for every penny we bring home from work and we spent it on a piece if shit company who no one can seem to help a paying customer get his product but evwrytime he go to the in store site in Hinesville,Ga 31313 and talk to the sorry ass manager about his phone that he paid for 4 months ago and he standing right next to another customer who is purchasing the same damn phone and is walking out of the store with the same damn phone you are telling my husband that he cant get the same damn phone that he done already paid for four months ago, this is how you treat the customers that have been loyal to sprint for over 10yrs, whose 50%of family members use the same mobile company. You say you cant help. Shit if ot was me i would go up to that sprint store and i wouldnt leave that bitch until someone I dont give a rats ass who, I dont care it its Sprint himself give me my damn phone. I promise you I will tell everyone i work with and come across on this Military base just how Sprint does business.And you know word of mouth is what hurts people business world wide.


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