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Find here Citi Prepaid Customer Service Phone Number to reach the customer support representative at Citi Prepaid. We have also listed email, mailing address, corporate office headquarters details and other helpful resources. if you face any issues city prepaid cards, bill payment, refund, cancellation, lost or stolen card, account login issues or any other issues the please call the Citi Prepaid Phone number. The phone number given below has very less wait time and very easy to reach and you can get prepaidhelp

About Citi Prepaid

Citibank is one of the largest financial institute in America and is a subsidiary of Citi Group which is also famously known as Citibank National Association. Citibank was first established in the year 1982 as Citi Bank of New York. It offers banking facilities to its customer. Along with Banking it is also sells insurance, credit card services, debit cards and investment products to its customer. It is one of the biggest bank in America and its online services are widely used by its customers. Its customer base is more than 15 million active users. you can aslo check other companies phone number such as for Asurion or Groupon in our website.

READ KleinBank Headquarters Address, Phone Number and Email

Citi Prepaid Customer Service Phone Number 


TTY: 1-800-325-2865

You can aslo call the number which is written at back of your card.

Other Important Citi Prepaid Phone Number of their Customer Support

Lost or Stolen Credit Cards then please call

TTY: 1-800-325-2865

If you are Outside of United States then please call at


Any Security Issues then please call at

TTY: 1-800-325-2865

Check yout Costco Credit Card Application Status

TTY: 1-866-210-0617

Credit Card Application Status

TTY: 1-800-325-2865

Official Citi Prepaid Card Resources : Click Here

Citi Prepaid Card Corporate Office Headquarters

New York, United States

You can also tweet or comment to Citi Social Media. Its one of the best way to raise your concern online.

Twitter : @Citibank @AskCiti

Facebook :

Please use the the above helpful resources and citi prepaid customer service phone number to reach the customer support easily and raise your concern and resolve your issues fast. Please keep visiting our website for more customer care details.

24 thoughts on “Citi Prepaid Customer Service Phone Number prepaidhelp

  1. Yulius putro utomo

    Good morning,my name is yulius l’am a royal caribbean employe,could you please help me to check in the sistem to tracking if there is any problem to transferring the money? I’ve been transfer to my family since feb 28 but until March 7 they didn’t receive yet,could you help me to solve this problem?? Thank you.

  2. Naimes Coronel

    Good Morning
    I having problem with my card ..I request to transfer some money to my account in Ecuador days ago but the system is not working. after two days the balance in the account still the same. I can access using my laptop …
    I try to pay using my card as a debit card, also nothing ..
    additional the last deposit as per you, already was done but it does not appear in my account.
    If i ask just balance in the ATM machine is ok. but if I try to get some money “Transaction declined”

  3. Ilham, muhammad

    Good day.. I am royal
    I forgot to answer quetioner from account…
    The resault the account logged out or block my account…
    What i suppose to do to reset my account?


      Dear citiprepaid cust service……. my name is sutrisno arizona, I am Royal Caribbean employee I’m in vacationnow but I have forgot my username and my password for my salary at sea card can you help me to have my username and my password . please help… thank you. Best Regards.

  4. Michael M. Medina

    Good day citibank im a crew of rccl. Send money to my brother on 10/30/2017 and until now he did not recieve it

  5. Icak hendrik

    Dear citi pre paid cust service,
    My name is icak hendrik, i am royal carribean cruise line’s employee. I did money transfer on this date, 02-10-2017 to indonesian bank account, but my family didn’t receive the money at all. I was did any mistake, i did wrong typing /input one alphabet of the receiver’s name. Did my money back to my account automatically? How should i do? I need my money back . Please help, i need you advice. Thank you. Best regards.

  6. Icak hendrik

    Dear citi pre paid cust service,
    My name is icak hendrik, i am rccl employee. I do money transfer on this date, 02-10-2017 to indonesian bank, but my family didn’t receive the money at all cause i had fault, i did wrong typing one alphabet of the receiver’s name. Did my money back to my account automatically? . Please help, i need you advice. Thank you. Best regards.

  7. Anabel Manalac

    Hi good day to you im having trouble using my salary at sea card here in the philippines,i can not withdraw money it says it is offline and when i tried to send money it says that it having technical problems,kindly help me that i really need the money asap,thank you

  8. Syaiful arifin

    Dear sir. Why my card salary atesa dosent work….
    I try many time.but still i canot acses my salary atsea card.plaese help me

  9. tim johnson

    I want to transfer funds from a prepaid debit sent to me from direct tv into my personal bank account. what is it I need in order to do this. I’ve tryed calling some of these phone numbers & all I get is the run around.

  10. beephun akhilesh

    hello sir am a crew for celebrity and am in vacation but i have forget my username and my password for my salary at sea card can you help me to have my username and my password

  11. Xu Xueqian

    greeting of the day. my name is XU XUEQIAN and I do Money transfer on this date (July 21st ) but my money did not come to me and it’s deduct from my Account . I sand a mail regarding this on your help site but I didn’t get any repose from them please help me out . Thanks. Have a good day . Regards XU XUEQIAN

  12. proxy server list

    Hello,I check your blogs named “Citi Prepaid Customer Service Phone Number prepaidhelp – Corporate Office Headquarters” daily.Your story-telling style is awesome, keep up the good work! And you can look our website about proxy server list.

  13. i dewa putu darmayasa

    Hi sir or maddam..iam royal caribbean crew member..i have been sent money home in last june 29..but until now my wife couldnt get it at bank in indonesia..please give me advise regarding this matter..because they really need it….thank you..please replay this at my e mail address

  14. kamisha

    hi I was wondering how can I reload money to my Metro Pcs rebait card and it’s threw Citi Bank

  15. shankarsingh

    This is to informed about stopping the subscribtion of hungama from my account starting from this month

  16. Bojan Andric

    I send money back home and waiting over 7 days the get confirmation but nothing and I send messages to mailbox from bank and no answer.. Is readiculus!!

  17. Rachel DeBoer

    EXTREMELY Frustrated!!

    I have activated my pre-paid card, trying now to have the refund amount put into my personal bank account. Thus far it has been a nightmare! After many attempts I get a message that my password/username was not correct to try again. I did so many times and got the same result, even AFTER changing it as requested. It’s a lot of nonsense for just $8.89 refund. Probably if I had tried to use it in a store it would have been refused and I would have been very embarrassed. Would it be easier to just send me a check for that small amount? I really have no need for an account with Citi. PLEASE HELP! Customer service was just a pre-recorded message and I accomplished NOTHING by dialing that number. Please contact me at [email protected] or call me at
    231-730-8165 THANLS!

    1. Adelaide

      Co mi tu pan jakis performenes odstawia? Dla mnie to wlasnie z powodu tego „na razie nie dodaje kontaktów” tylko taki dodatek. Rownie dobrze moglby im zalożyc konta adminowskie na stronie i komentowac komiks. Efekt bylby podobny. CzÅ‚owiek-Szynszyla ma konto na N-K i nikt nie robi szaÅ‚u. To jak „portfel” i ࡊminutnik․ w telefonie. Jest ale nikt tego nie uzywa.

  18. Joseph Sharon

    I need help my Citi Bank sallery at sea card don’t work in any ATM card in India.kindly help


    Dear Sir, I am a Royal Caribbean International employee. I left my ship to go on vacation in the Republic of South Africa (Cape Town) On arrival I used my Salary @ Sea card to draw cash to the value of 3000 Rands to get some cash for my vacation. My card is in my possession, it has NOT been lost or used without my authorization, yet I find that it is now blocked! I cannot log on through the normal channels and I suspect that I will not be able to use it for any purchases without you unblocking it first.
    May I politely ask that you unblock it and please inform me of my [email protected] card status at my e-mail address which is [email protected]


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